Welcome to the TreeHouse at St. Paul’s. 
Making God’s Difference,
putting children first.

"To love what you do and feel that it matters-How could anything be more fun?" - Katharine Graham

Our school has an open door policy. You are invited to visit, observe, and to participate at any time. However, please keep in mind that your child will probably behave differently while you are present.

How is TreeHouse different from other preschools and child care centers? Our staff has a vested interest in TreeHouse: this is visibly reflected in how we perform in the classroom. The staff shows love, so that the children learn to love. The staff is trustworthy and dependable so that each child learns to trust. The staff accepts angry feelings, understands their fears, forgives them for their errors so that each child can learn to handle anger, fears and guilt. We educate and meet the needs of the whole child. Our teachers have that personal touch that makes parents feel as if they are a part of their child's day. How do we do this? Through providing consistent communication and doing all we can to accommodate the needs of busy families.

TreeHouse has become a tradition in many households in the area; many children currently enrolled in our Center are siblings and, in some cases, children of past students. Our teachers model Christian Behavior and strive to be examples of true servants of Christ. We teach the truths of the Bible by living these truths (love, kindness and forgiveness) with the children.

Operating as a religious organization, TreeHouse is a License-Exempt Facility. We are inspected annually by the Department of Health, the State Fire Marshall and the Bureau of Child Care. Copies of our inspections are available for review.