Starting May 31st and through the month of June!

As you enter the parking lot, tune your radio to the FM station posted on the signs around you. Instructions about settling in and reminders about social distancing will be played until the pre-worship music begins.

We will have parking attendants ready to help usher you to one of the designated parking spots as early as 3 p.m.

You may worship from you car or (while wearing a mask) may bring some 'camp' chairs to sit right in front of your vehicle.  You many want to bring a battery operated radio if you choose to sit outside of your car.

Finally, our friend, Yo Dawg Catering, will have his food stand set-up and offers a variety of hot-dogs and burgers.  Remember to 'social distance' while you place your order and receive your food!







Unfortunately we are going to have to CANCEL our Market Days for the 2020 season.  We have every hope that we will be back in 2021!

Oakville Community Market Days at St. Paul's

Our vision is to come together for a

time of fellowship and fun!

ALL Activities and Events on our calendar have been temporarily suspended.  Youth Group, SALT, Women's Bible Study, Kingdom Kidz Sunday School & Adult Education are now taking place via ZOOM.  Please e-mail Pastor Erica at erica.roth@sp4u.org if you would like more information about joining in.